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Columbus to San Fancisco.

22. Gay. Single.

Starve the ego,
Feed the soul.

April 23rd
April 23rd picaet:

fabio magalhaes
April 23rd

I need to start a writing blog separate from this one, but the fear of anyone reading any of my shit is unrelenting.

April 23rd
April 23rd pixography:

Rene Magritte ~ "Golconda", 1953
April 23rd rawrawrawson:

Too much fun with this app.
April 23rd I’m really curious as to who everyone believes was the front runner of this group..  Most typical boy/girl bands of that generation of music usually had one or two leads with the rest being used as practical pawns..  But the Spice Girls honestly seemed to spread the wealth pretty evenly.  Scary and Sporty clearly had the better lungs, but they weren’t much without the other three.
April 23rd fraternallyidaho:

Trivia Tuesday: I’ve had glasses since I was 5
April 23rd
April 23rd


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