It's my middle name, so you know.
The last thing on your mind.
Columbus to San Fancisco. 
22. Gay. Single.

July 23rd
July 23rd
theacappellaengineer asked: Aussiebums give me life Adam.

There’s this really weird pocket for your junk that’s making me feel really weird.

But hey my butt looks fucking awesome.

July 23rd


when you are trying to make a mutual with someone who won’t follow you back 


when they finally follow you

(via camsfarts)

July 23rd
Anonymous asked: Pix or it didn't happen

I mean jonthnshton knows they happened and that’s all that matters.

July 23rd
July 23rd

my first pair of aussiebums came in and let me tell you what 17 years of soccer does for your ass in these things.

July 22nd noordinaryelf:

This maybe the best thing ever
July 22nd
July 22nd diggin-that-dude:

July 22nd homoscedasticity:

*en vogue plays in the background*